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I have connections with mortgage lenders that have been in the business for a long time. Please feel free to ask me for recommendations for mortgage lenders.

Each of them are capable and LOCAL. They will keep in communication with me.

If they say they can close a loan in 2 weeks, they can, (as long as you get them the paperwork). Not all make that claim.

You are not just a file on someone’s desk. You are my client and they know that they get several chances at doing a loan with my clients each year.

I know there are internet lenders out there, however, they do not get repeat business, they are usually not local, and may be new to the business. They often promise more than they deliver. It is not just about the rate. Please consider, fees and response time.

In the worst case scenario, they will mess up the transaction, and cost you time and money. I had this happen to one of my clients.

There are some lenders I will tell you to NEVER use. Please ask me for those names.

Again, ask me for Mortgage Lenders and I will refer you to some of the best local lenders. Feel free to contact any or all before selecting one as a lender.



Working with the best pays off!

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